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Art by Saba

Ayesha K., Educator

Sarah A., Mother

Artist Statement:

Modern treatment of Muslim subject matter in art and media is closely tied to the political and religious controversy that seems to be pervasive in these “exotic” countries of the East.  While much of the conflict is real, oftentimes, what we see in media does nothing to lessen the perception of the Muslim world as exotic, “other,” and entirely homogenous.  Truly, much art and writing relies on the narrative of the East in exact opposition to the West.

This portrayal is a farce.  There is a massive community of Muslims who live in these Western countries who are not antithetical to “the West.”  This community is made up of individuals, each with their own unique mosaic of culture and experiences.  Islam is not a tiny box. It is not one-dimensional, and neither are the people who identify with the religion.  That such a simplistic perception of these peoples has persisted into our world today is almost laughable.  There is a
place for everyone in this country, yet Muslims have continued to be not only homogenized, but vilified.

Sara Y., Writer

PROJECT: “Technicolor Muslimah”

“Technicolor Muslimah” is a series of twelve portraits of Muslim women in acrylic paint, each accompanied by an unedited written statement from the subject.  The canvases are a uniform 18” x 18,” and the women are rendered in bright colors, which, in itself, is a departure from how Muslim women are often portrayed.  This series focuses on aspects of these women that need to be  explored – their humor, their joy, and their kindness.  Each woman is identified as Muslim by her headscarf. This visual symbol is truly the only suggestion of her religion, because my perspective here is humanist.  In addition, eleven of the paintings are presented with props to further support the theme of humor, or to identify the subjects as American, as well as Muslim.

 I want to help expand the Western vocabulary concerning Muslims, with an emphasis on Muslim women.  I want to combat the narrow-minded perception of Muslims not by criticizing anyone’s ignorance, but by providing a more expansive definition of what it means to be Muslim. 

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U.S. Department of State: Celebrating Jazz Diplomacy


An all-star ensemble of musicians from across the globe gathers in Istanbul to celebrate International Jazz Day on May 1, 2013. [AP Photo]

About the Author: David Killion serves as U.S. Ambassador to UNESCO.

During the four years I have served as U.S. Ambassador at UNESCO, my staff and I have accomplished a lot of things that I’m proud of, but International Jazz Day is definitely one of our crowning…


VIDEO REPORT - Syrian Crisis
A classroom of Syrian refugee children in Homs practices a song for Mothers’ Day.

We do love their singing!

To read more about the situation surrounding Syria and how UNICEF is getting involved, please visit:


Meet the Auburn Tigers, Australia’s first all Muslim Woman Football Team! Read their story on hijabican


A series titled “A Slum called Hollywood” by Kannagi Khanna





kasbah of the rising moon by Gilad Benari
Oulad Khallouf, Morocco

Marakesh, Morocco. [x]


Marakesh, Morocco. [x]

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Chili Boy - Cairo, Egypt by alfieianni on Flickr.
Boy working at Khan El-Khalili Souk - islamic Cairo, Egypt


Chili Boy - Cairo, Egypt by alfieianni on Flickr.

Boy working at Khan El-Khalili Souk - islamic Cairo, Egypt

Unofficial Ambassador Rani Robelus volunteers at Kampang Halaman which aims to reach the underprivileged youth and teens of Indonesia by letting them grow creatively  





Young girls in Senegal find a little joy in the bed nets that help prevent malaria.

Great photos! World Malaria Day is April 25. Bed nets are key to malaria prevention.